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Thursday, September 4

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I have joined the www.nokiainnovation .com team, so head on over there for up-to-date Nokia news, Lumia reviews, rumors and more!

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Friday, August 15

First impressions/Unboxing for the Nokia Lumia 930

The first thing you notice, well I noticed when I got the Lumia 930 was how small the box is now.
“Nokia has really gone green, eco-friendly with their new packaging” was my first reaction when I got the Lumia 930,  it comes in a really small box, which isn’t what I have been used to in the past.
But don’t let the small packaging fool you, because sometimes, BIG things come in small packages.
The Lumia 930 weighs in at 167 (about 20g lighter than its predeccessor, the LUmia 920) and it features
- A 5-inch 1080p AMOLED capacitive screen (why Nokia went AMOLED  I cannot understand) with CBD and protected by Corning’s Gorilla Glass III
- A 2.2Ghz SnapDragon 800 processor with an Adreno 330 graphics chip
- 32GB internal storage (no MicroSD slot) but has 15GB of OneDrive cloud storage
- 20MP Pureview Carl Zeiss Lens capable of recording at 1080p @ 30fps and a 1.2 MP front-facing camera

Here are my first impressions unboxing the next gen. Lumia 930…

I am surprised that no headphones were included in the box. Nokia usually adds accessories when they sell international unlocked phones. Maybe it is because this device uses Dolby Sound and Nokia couldn’t thin kof any cheap headphones that would make you appreciate the sound?
If you have a 920 and are looking to upgrade, the Nokia Lumia 930 is only available on Verizon’s network, disguised as the Lumia Icon as an exclusive, so it will not be available on any other carrier, and especially since 100% of Lumia 920 users are on At&t’s network, if you want to upgrade at this time, you will have to fork out $550+ to own an international unlocked version.
There are rumors that At&t and T-Mobile will get an equivalent to the 930 next year, but that hasn’t been confirmed. Maybe we will find out more at Microsoft’s press event on the 4th of September.

Thursday, August 7

Photo of Nokia Lumia 730, codename:Superman exposed, also reveals upcoming Lumia update

The guys at WPCentral have obtained photos of the upcoming Nokia Lumia 720 successor, the Lumia 730, codenamed Superman.

In this bright green version of the device, we see it spotting the next Lumia firmware update.
As we know Nokia is releasing this Lumia specific updates alphabetically...Amber, Black, Cyan and now Debian Red, though it is not confirmed if this is what it will be called post-production or if it will even be released at all.

The Lumia 730 is a mid-range Lumia device like its predecessor, but with a 4.7inch display and 8MP Carl Zeiss camera (not PureView) is all we know for now. though it is rumored to be a selfie-centric Phone with a 5MP front-facing camera.

This Superman phone along with the Lumia 830 (codename: Tesla) are rumoured to be announced this later this month,

Courtesy: WPCentral

Friday, July 25

BBM Beta app updated with transparent tile. Available to all next week

The BBM development is hard at work with the Windows Phone version of BBM.
When they launched the beta a little over a week ago, they received 10,000 sign ups in less than 24hours.
Since then they have been working hard, improving the app and the latest update now enables the transparent tile feature...

Other improvements with this update...
        BBM crash when send a picture > 16MB
·         Group icon flickers every time a picture or picture comment is added to the group
·         Personal message really difficult to read on low-res screen
·         Contacts > Search now brings up the virtual keyboard and focuses input on the search box
·         Unable to see typing when keyboard is up
·         Takes almost twenty minutes to send a high quality picture
If you don't have the BBM app yet, don't worry it will be available to EVERYONE next week!!

Nokia Lumia 635 LTE now available on AT&T (also Amazon) for $99. no contract

The Nokia Lumia 635 (LTE) is now available from At&t for $99 (no contract) on At&t's GoPhone Prepaid service.

You should be able to pick one up from your local At&t store or you can even get it from Amazon also for $99.
This is the first phone made for Windows Phone 8.1

With the Lumia 635, you get a ...

- 4.5 inch ClearBlack Display screen with Gorilla Glass 3 (same with the Lumia 1020)
- A QuadCore 1.2GHz Cortex A7, SnapDragon 400 CPU
- 8GB internal storage space (remember 15GB of cloud storage courtesy Onedrive and another 50GB cloud storage when you sign up with At&t Locker
- It has got a microSD slot so you can expand your memory up to 128GB
- 5MP camera (no Flash and no front facing camera, so no perfect selfies maybe?)

Grab one from At&t WebStore
Get it from Amazon

Thursday, July 17

(Hands On Video Demo) BBM Beta Program for Windows Phone now LIVE!!!

The BBM beta is now live for those who were able to register for the program before registration closed.

This Beta includes...

BBID Setup and Log-in (for Whitelisted BBIDs)
·         Create BBM Profile
·         Invite a contact and suggested contacts (people you know)
·         1-to-1 & Multi-person Chat
·         Contact Categories
·         Manage Settings
·         BBM Groups
·         Pin to Start
·         Notifications and in-app “splats” for new content.  See them in Feeds, Contacts when they’ve sent you a message, etc.
      Features missing...

The following are known issues with this build:

·         Invites and acceptances don’t send when Windows Phone goes out of WiFi coverage

·         A few newer emoticons are not rendering properly (i.e *brrrr*, and *flex* and @-@)

·         Windows Phone shows as available for BBM Voice call although feature is not supported (seen on Android and iOS, not BlackBerry 10)
·         Error popup appears when using “Find Friends” and the “OK” button is selected
·         Suggested Contacts tab only shows users already using BBM, but lists them as potential contacts when BBM is initially launched
        BBM Voice is not yet available at of the time of this beta release but will be introduced in the near feature...


If video doesn't play, check back in a few minutes... It's still processing

Thursday, July 10

Register as a BETA tester for BBM for Windows Phone (available in coming weeks)

BBM development team have started taking applications for Windows Phone users who want to become beta testers for the BBM app for windows phone.

The Beta App should be available in coming weeks, so it is save to say by the end of this month, July?
On its first release, group chats, broadcasts, private chats, feeds are among the first features that will be introduced.
Features like stickers, BBM Voice, BBM Channels and location sharing will come months later.


One the Beta is available you will be required to give feedback and report bugs to their development team, this is help greatly in making it better with time

You can read more about it HERE

Monday, July 7

BBM for WindowsPhone Beta shows up in the WP Store, but you don't have permission yet to download

While Blackberry devices are sinking faster than the Titanic, its iconic messenger app (Blackberry Messenger aka BBM) is very much alive at least in some parts of the world (not in the US) and last year Blackberry decided to revitalize its messenger service by releasing iOS and Android versions and of course no Windows Phone version was released at the time.

They did announce that a WP version would be coming out this summer, this news was very welcomed in parts of the world were Lumia devices and BBM are still very popular (countries like Nigeria, India, Indonesia...)

Today you can spot the BBM app in the Windows Phone store but you will not have permission to download it just yet. No one know when this restriction will be removed, it could be tomorrow or it could be at the end of the month.

It is a Beta version of the app and until thorough testing has been done, we do not know when it will be made public, it could be days, weeks or even months.
Also there is no word on how you can register to become a beta tester.
One thing is certain, anxious BBM fans will be checking the download button every minute in anticipation.

You can check every minute if it's available by clicking the link below...
BBM for Windows Phone

BBM for Windows Phone

courtesy: WPCentral

Wednesday, July 2

[UPDATED] Finally! Leaked Picture of New Nokia Lumia Device surfaces... Lumia 1020 successor? McLaren? or Lumia 830?

We have been hearing so much about the Lumia 1020 successor, codenamed McLaren, and finally today....
Images have surfaced from WPDang of what they say is the successor to the Lumia 820... calling it the Lumia 830, this device looks like an oversized Lumia 1020, the screen looks a tad smaller than the Lumia 1520.
The side looks like the Lumia 930 as it also has aluminum frames and the screen looks about 5-inch diagonal width (maybe more).

There does seem to be capacitive buttons as this was made prior to the release of windows phone? prolly the same time the Lumia 930 was made too.
The camera design follows where the Lumia 1020 left off, but this time it is smaller in radius.
The back looks like it is made of polycarbonate, just like the Lumia 930 or Lumia Icon from Verizon.

And I don't see any physical buttons, so it could be powered on by just gripping the device just like earlier rumoured...
We could be looking at the rumoured Nokia codenamed device: McLaren which was rumoured to run on a SnapDragon 805 QuadCore CPU, with 3D touch technology and a 41MP camera as it will be an enhanced successor of the Lumia 1020.

Source: WPDang 


This latest render shows the back of the phone in more details.
- It has a 13MP Carl Zeiss camera
- Single LED Flash
- Speakers grid at the bottom
- aluminum case around the edges like 930
- The "Nokia by Microsoft" Brand

The device is said to also be 4.5inch in screen size just like the Lumia 1020 but 0.5 inches smaller than the 930 though they both share the same physical appearance. if true then this would be a mid-range Lumia, 830?

Doesn't look like the Mclaren/Lumia 1020 successor device we are waiting for, more like a replacement for your 8xx series

Nokia Lumia 635 available on T-Mobile/MetroPCS on June 5th for $99

The Nokia Lumia 635 for T-Mobile will be available in a few days, it is the first Windows Phone 8.1 phone made for Windows Phone 8.1 OS from the the ground up. 
It is LTE supported and at a full no contract price of $99 it is sure to beat the Lumia 521 as the best selling T-Mobile Windows Phone.
And starting this July 5th (in a few days) you will be able to get one from the Home Shopping Network for just $99.

Then on July 9th, you can get it online from T-Mobile's website for a $0 down payment at $7/month for 2yrs for T-Mobile Simple choice plan subscribers and also store-wide/nationwide starting July 16th.
If you use MetroPCS, not to bother, it will be available on MetroPCS starting July 18th at $99 full price
And lastly, Microsoft store is now taking pre-orders for the Lumia 635 at $129, though I would advise holding out, since you can get it on HSN for $99 in a few days.

The Lumia 635 has...
- a 4.5 inch display
Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, with a Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7
- 5MP camera
- 512MB memory
- 8GB internal storage (15GB oneDrive online storage)
- MicroSD that supports up to 128GB