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Thursday, January 5

Appisode 10: anag7ams for Lumia 710 800 900

if you know text twist the PC game, then this is the mobile version for your windows phone.
you can shake the phone to shuffle the letters, create words from the nice interface, beat the clock and create as much words as possible.
WARNING! must be good with words and anagrams to play this one, its fun and addicitve too!

App Description:

Version 1.2, fixes and additions:
Shake to Shuffle is now available
Manual or Automatic Round Advancement
Overall Speed Improvements
Fixed score saving when exiting the application
anag7ams is a fast-paced word puzzle game. 
You must correctly guess 3, 4, 5 & 6 letter words before the time runs out. 
 Each completed round progresses you closer to the dreaded Challenge Round, 
where it's all or nothing for a single 6 letter challenge word. 
Earn point multipliers for each Challenge Round completed successfully.
Try your hand at five different difficulty modes, ranging from fun to expert. 
The harder the level, the less time you have to complete the round. 
Time Bonuses are awarded for each correct word -- except in Expert Mode, 
where you must finish the round in 60 seconds or less.
There are over 10,000 words available to play, all of the being common English words.  The trial version is limited to 10 plays -- 
if you like the game, it's up to you to purchase the application.

video demo:

you can get it for $1.29 or try it for free here


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