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Friday, January 6

Appisode 18: De Blob for Lumia 710 800 900

Game Synopsis:
The evil I.N.K.T. Corporation has declared “Colour is a Crime!” and leeched Chroma City of all its beauty and interest. With no means to fight back, the citizens of Chroma City have been forced into a hypnotic state. Only the unlikely hero de Blob can defeat the hordes of tank battalions, speedy I.N.K.T. racers and elite Inky soldiers that have invaded his home. Flip, bounce and smash your way to launch a color revolution and save your city!

like the story behind this, also love the jedi master dude who guides after every level!
this game has nce graphix (as do most xbox live games), good sound effects, intuitive and overall nice controls
the aim if to free all your fellow graydians! by touching and then escaping through the hole (how convenient).
it sells for $2.99, but you can try it for free here

here's a sneak peek!


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