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Saturday, January 7

Appisode 26: ilomilo for Lumia 710 800 900

App Description:
ilomilo is a puzzle game where the player controls two friends named ilo and milo. 
The two friends always seem to get separated from each other in the surrealistic and 
ever changing world they inhabit. ilomilo presents puzzles where the player will have 
to use a great deal of three dimensional thinking to succeed. The world of ilomilo is 
made of cubes, and ilo and milo can walk any side of the cubes, as well as move cubes 
around. The player controls both ilo and milo, and will have to make them cooperate 
to unite them.
i like the part in the app description that says you have to use "three dimensional thinking".. 
other games  offer only two-dimensional thinking, so this is just brilliant!
it costs $4.99, now thats pricey! there goes my mcdonald's breakfast meal!
you can buy it or try it for free here 

see the short demo:



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