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Wednesday, January 11

Appisode 35: Pageonce for Lumia 710 800 900

Since i got my Lumia 800 a week ago, this is by far the most useful app i have installed from the marketplace.
i'll let you read the App Description:

Easily Control Your Money & Bills - Anytime, Anywhere
If you need a solution to help coral all of your accounts in one place to make online 
management an easier and less stressful experience - look no further - Pageonce is the 
answer to organizing your online life! We automatically organize your accounts and 
collect your transactions, help manage your bills and send you real-time notifications 
- all this from the convenience of your Windows Phone 7.

you can see how awesome this App is:

The best part is that it is also FREE!!

Though i would love for the developer to add a pin-lock to access this app as it contains sensitive info

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  1. It's sad how this app just "skipped" symbian OS