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Thursday, January 26

Appisode 62: Orbital for Lumia 710 800 900

Orbital is an addictive and challenging game.
All you have to do is:
Shoot the orbs onto the playing field and watch them grow until they hit an obstacle 
and use the following orbs to destroy it. Hit every orb three times until it bursts 
into space and grants you one point to your highscore. Destroy as many orbs as you can 
but beware: The space on the playing field is limited so think hard about where you 
put the next one! 
There are 3 modes:
Pure mode: Just play your game and try to destroy as many orbs in ,
Gravity mode: get your orbs distracted by a gravitation field around them in. Your shots will be 
distracted by gravitation so be careful when you target! 
Supernova mode: will allow you to perform awesome combos when your orbs damage the 
surrounding ones with a shock wave as they burst into space. 
Get Orbital for $2.99 (you can also try it for free) from the Marketplace 


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