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Sunday, January 8

CES 2012 starts...

Consumer Electronics Show 2012 (CES2012) is about to kick off in Las Vegas Jan. 10th to 13th, its an event showcasing the latest in electronic gadgets, from the latest toasters to the slimest laptop!

It's a display of bright ideas and also of things to come in the near future.
Nokia has a lot of bright ideas this year and what better way to present them to us than through this year's CES event. starting with a press conference tomorrow, Nokia will begin announcine their line of windows phone aka Lumia series:
the Lumia 710 which has already been announced by Tmobile (sale date: Jan.11th),
the Lumia 800 which is expected to have an LTE version for the US market.
then there's the Lumia 900 719 and maybe more.
so we will be expecting Nokia to showcase atleast 5 Lumia devices, some we have seen and some we will see at the event.

**I will be there live in Las Vegas this week to bring you my first hands-on video & demos with these devices.
So make sure you follow me on twitter @nokia4usa
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for live updates, pics and demo reviews from the CES event!

this is definitely going to be an exciting week


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