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Tuesday, January 3

Introduction of Appisodes: Review of Lumia 710 800 & 900 apps!

It's been 4days now since i got the lumia 800, nice hardware and i love the live tiles concept.
but what i love most are the apps & games, and with windows phone now recording over 50,000 apps and Nokia Lumia phones set to make a HUGE entrance into the US market in less than a week, what better way to showcase these apps by introducing my little segment i like to call appisodes (and yes i didn't put alot of thought into the name, just like i didn't put a lot of thought into the name of this blog :) like to keep it simple.

the idea behind "appisodes" is to review apps i think are interesting and do a demo and oyu make up your mind if you want to get it based on what you've seen!

so stay tuned,

PS: i didn't forget about Symbian and my N8, just waiting for my micro-sim adapter to arrive then i get back to reviewing apps on the N8 and other Symbian^3 anna/belle devices.


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