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Sunday, January 8

Is this the Lumia 900?

This image appeared about a month ago on a Lumia video from Nokia's youtube channel before it was taken down, it's showing a sleek metallic Nokia wp7 phone.
And yesterday New York Times (Newspaper not known for spreading rumours) says the Lumia 900 will be announced tomorrow at the Press conference Nokia is putting together,
according to the New York Times, the Lumia 900 will be a "sleek metallic " phone and it will be launched on at&t network.
which leaves the question, what phone is this? the 719?

 one thing is for certain, Nokia will be releasing a flurry of devices this week.
whether its the highend Nokia Ace or the low end Nokia Cliff.

Expect to see at a minimum 5 Nokia windows phones (Lumia 710 800 already included)

see the report from New York Times


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