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Wednesday, January 25

Lumia 710 for $254CAD (no contract) in canada.

Rogers Canada just put out its full pricing for the Lumia 710, as they prepare for its launch in the first half of February.
(prices in Canadian Dollar)
get it for $49 on a 3yr contract
$99.99 on a 2yr contract and
$149.99 on a 1yr contract
$254 (no contract

Of course the news is, the Lumia 710 will sell for $254 (with no contract), that is really cheap for a 3.7inch (same as the Lumia800), 5MP camera that records in 720P HD quality, and a 1.4gHz processor.

This comes as no surprise, particularly here in the US, where it is already offered free from walmart and you can also buy this device brand new for T-Mobile "off the street" (from places like craigslist, ebay...) for as low as $200.
Some might attribute these low prices to the fact that the Lumia 710 isn't doing so well in the market, but we know that's not true, Nokia is simply good at making high quality phones for cheap, and as a result we the consumer get quality for alot less.



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