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Monday, January 16

Lumia 900 coming to Canada this May? (on Rogers)

While Nokia users in Canada were treated to the good news that Lumia 710 will be available on Rogers Comm. this February and will go for $49.99 on a 3yr contract and the Lumia 800 will be available on Telus sometime in March (no confirmed price yet on this).

I got tipped today from a very reliable source (chooses to remain anonymous) that Nokia are currently in talks with Rogers Comm. Canada to bring the Lumia 900 on the Rogers Network, once the deal is finalized, Lumia 900 should be available on the Rogers Network as soon as this May.

If this is true, and i am guessing it probably is, (this is the same source that gave me the March 18th release date for Lumia900 on at&t before also reported the same date), then Nokians in Canada have another reason to smile!

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  1. I hope the Lumia 900 comes to Rogers and then to all Canadian carriers.

  2. we'll see. hopefully other carriers will get it too