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Wednesday, January 25

"Lumia 930" shows up on WPBench, (updated)

Well, Guess who showed up on WPBench recently? The Lumia 930, its name appeared on 
WPBench, though it could be user generated, so i would take this with a tiny pinch of salt.
What is WPBench?
WP Bench is performance benchmark for Windows Phone 7 devices. 
It tests your CPU, GPU, memory, storage, display and battery and allows you to 
publish your score to the online charts or compare with the others.
So just maybe this Lumia 930 is the 12MP variant for Lumia 900 that was rumoured about for the past 
week and is supposed to be available in the European market later this year, or maybe 
someone is just messing with us. 
Either way, expect more Lumia Devices to be announced at next month's Mobile World 
Conference (MWC).
[UPDATE] it is indeed possible to fake a Device ID using WPBench, in light of this, Lumia 930 
on WPBench might as well be dud!  
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