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Saturday, January 14

My first CES experience + Mini CES Gallery

CES entrance

wow what an end to the week!
i was able to make it to the last two days (Thursday 12 and Friday 13th) of the CES and yup you guessed it, i went straight to the Nokia booth!
with all the hype about Operation rolling thunder and Nokia anticipated market blitz for the US, i expected the Booth to be bigger! at least twice its size! but oh well, Let's start with a mustard seed and let it grow!

Nokia's Booth: Wide screen display
Nice Ceiling Design, Tile Style

Nokia Booth

Nokia Boxes.. nothing inside

They didn't get deterred by the size of their booth though, with a nice multi-colored boxed ceiling design, a wide screen display, sleek purity headsets display stand, Lumia 710, 800 and 900 stands, exclusive apps (ESPN, CNN, Nokia Transport) displays, display of Nokia's "beauty to the eye" accessories including the NFC enabled Nokia play 360, the cute Nokia Luna series of bluetooth headsets and there was also a show box displaying the industrial strength on the Lumia 800

Consumers checking out Lumia phones

i spent most of my day at the Nokia booth, trying to get reactions from interested consumers, about the Lumia series, it was mixed, while 100% of non-US consumers i talked to were impressed with the Lumia series, it was split 50-50 when i got reactions from US residents, 
Purity headsets on display

so here's a funny story, while i took a glance of the booth from a distance, i happened to overhear a consumer talking to his partner about how he was surprised that nokia was still alive in the US? and he was interested to see what last products they had before they went down under, after hearing all that, it was a good scenario for me to get a before and after reaction from him, since i already ease dropped and got a "before" and stalked him and when they were done checking out what nokia had to offer, i walked up to him to get his "after" reactions, he said he was impressed with the Lumia 800 (he specifically didn't like screens bigger than 4inch) but concluded it was going to be tough for them to make an instant impact in the US given the stance of android and the iPhone, asked whether he would consider getting the Lumia 800, he said he wasn't looking to replace his phone but if he was he would consider getting the Lumia 800.

test showcasing industrial quality strength of the 710

after chitchatting with random consumers and getting their reactions, i reckon Nokia and windows phone will start slow here in the US but i expect a huge boost when Microsoft launch windows 8 and windows phone Apollo later this year, not until then will we see a major boost in sales for Nokia+WP7 phones, not only here in the US but worldwide!
Lumia Series

710 800 900

stack up

side by side

high end to low end

stacked up

Lumia comparism

sides by sides

ports comparism

size matters

Nokia launched its full range of Lumia series (710 800 and 900) here in the US during the CES.
the Lumia 710, the low end of this series, with a clearblack gorilla glass 3.7inch TFT display, 5Mp camera (no front facing camera), 512SDRAM, 8gb storage, swappable back covers, weighs in at 4.4ounces, and boasts of 7hrs of 3G Talk time , has already gone on sale at your nearest TMobile store (for $49/2yr contract) and also available at the Microsoft store.
test the sound quality of purity headsets

Lumia 800 on display

the Lumia 800, considered the mid-range of the bunch, with its clearblack gorilla glass, 3.7inch AMOLED capacitive screen, 8Mp camera (no front facing camera), 512SDRAM, 8gb storage, polycarbonate unibody and an industrial design, It has been on sale since November in other parts of the world, was also on display here at CES and is expected to go on sale at the Microsoft stores from next month (February), i expect Nokia to sell this through Amazon too.
Lumia 900

The Lumia 900, probably the most anticipated phone and high-end of the Lumia series (for now), packs a mega clearblack display gorilla glass 4.3inch AMOLED capacitive screen, 8MP camera (with a 1.3MP front facing camera), with its industrial design and polycarbonate unibody, this phone is sold exclusively on AT&T and it harnesses the power of at&t's LTE 4G speed which is 10x faster than 3G.

This was also a CES event that saw the New Lumia 900 receive multiple awards
multiple award recipient: Lumia 900

The Lumia 900

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