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Tuesday, January 24

New Lumia 910 coming in May? 12MP camera?

"There is no smoke without fire" that's the reason why i am writing on this Lumia 900 successor rumour again.
It is fascinating because the Lumia 900 isn't even out yet, we don't know for sure if it's going to be a hit and already there are rumours of a successor (or variant).

Last week, Paul Thurrott of WinSupersite talked about a 12MP version of the Lumia 900 coming out 45days after it's launched exclusively to At&t.

And now Eldar Murtazin speaks of something to that effect, he confirms there is a 12MP version of the Lumia 900, conveniently called the Lumia 910, it will pack a 12MP and is scheduled to hit Europe this May.
see his tweet:

So both stories kind of collaborate each other, so it is becoming very likely Nokia will launch a Lumia 900 variant (aka Lumia 910?) that will best suite the European market, this makes more sense now, as the 900 was specifically made for the US.

Let's just hope this is not the N8 successor we are waiting for, i would hate to see an N8 successor running windows phone!


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