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Friday, January 27

New Nokia N8 C7 E7 E6 now shipping with Nokia Belle Inside

Nokia tweeted that they have begun shipping existing Nokia Symbian phones like N8 C7 E7 with Belle Update.
Remember, when they tweeted sometime last week about the update being available for existing Symbian phones starting this week!, well that turned out to be a tweepo (tweet + typo). 
This time Nokia reiterated that Yes indeed they have begun shipping New N8's C7's 500's with the New Nokia Belle update.
So if you haven't already bought an N8 or any other Symbian phone, this is a good reason to get one.
This coincidentally comes just in time for the beginning of February, when Nokia said they would begin rolling out the Belle update for current Nokia Symbian users

Nokia Tweeted Belle Devices have begun shipping


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