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Sunday, January 15

Nokia City Lens + more apps demoed on the Lumia 900

At the CES, i got a chance to check out a few of the exclusive apps coming with the Lumia 900.

See the Lumia 900, Nokia's first LTE phone running WP7 exclusive for at&t,  being introduced here with its magnificent features:

CNN app allows you to upload iReports directly from your phone, watch the latest news and keep up to date current happenings around the world

i already demoed the ESPN app on the Lumia 800, you can check it out on the Lumia 900, with the feature of buying tickets to games and even choosing your seats.

The Nokia Maps and Drive also available on the Lumia 900

The New Nokia City Lens, which provides augmented reality of your surroundings, a new and very useful app when you are in a new neighbourhood

The Nokia Transport and Nokia Pulse on Lumia 900

BING OCR Text translator, is a nice sleek app on windows phone that lets you use your phone's primary camera to read text and even translate them to the language of your choice, pretty neat!

If you are a gamer? own an xbox? well, carry your xbox in your pocket (not literally), but with the xbox live companion app on your Lumia 900, you can even control your console right from your phone, another awesome app brought to you from microsoft


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