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Friday, January 20

Nokia Lumia Devices to outsell iPhone and ranked 2nd best by 2015

Windows Phone to outsell Apple's iPhone by 2015, thanks to Lumia devices and Nokia.

According to analysts at IHS (iSuppli Mobile & Wireless Communications Service), WP7 will make up for 17% of smartphones sold in 2015, that's a huge leap, especially since WP7 made up for a mere 1.9% of smartphone sales in 2011 (Apple had 18% and Android had 47.4%).

Analyst at IHS, say WP7 phones will reach a market share of 16.7%  and will clinch 2nd spot behind 1st place android in 2015.

IHS sighted this projection based on the introduction of Lumia 900 (and potential successors), showing Nokia and Microsoft's promise in the smartphone industry, also with Nokia planning to sell its WP7 devices to businesses through Microsoft's business channel, also offering a wide range of business tools through its devices, tools like skpe (which will be integrated into the devices), this will in turn drive competition between Nokia and other WP7 manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, LG... resulting in more quality WP7 devices.



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