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Sunday, January 22

Nokia N8 Browser vs. Nokia Lumia 800 Browser

I decided to see how the N8 belle SymbianBrowser (v.7.4) would do against the Lumia 800's Internet Explorer 9 mobile browser.

While the N8 did well in the html5 test compared to Lumia 800, and also has Flash support while the Lumia 800 does not, it's really laggy and unresponsive, the Lumia 800 has a nice QWERTY keyboard that makes a "hard to ignore" clicking sound when you type (cool), the browser is more fluid and responsive with almost no lag (whether its pinch to zoom, or opening links)

Overall, i prefer the Lumia 800 browser, simply because it gets the job done, however the N8 belle version has a lot going for it and given this is a leaked version of belle i am running, maybe we will see a higher version released when the offical Belle rolls out next month, if it does, then i would have to call for a re-match between these two! 

see the battle:


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