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Tuesday, January 17

Nokia N8 reaching for the Stars (Literally)

Since the N8 and its awesome camera arrived in Oct. of 2011. Users have tried to see if there's anything this phone cannot do with its camera; from capturing micro-organisms, to producing a short film, to capturing stunning macro images and even shooting the world's smallest stop-motion animation

Well, the N8 just broke another barrier! 
If Sarah Palin can see Russia from her house, then ladies and gentlemen i can proudly say "I can see the moon from my N8". 
Thanks to michael from theycallthislife, he created this N8 telescope and recorded the moon! the images are out of this world (literally).

Using a modified N8, Michael was able to capture these stunning images...

check out the modified N8

read the full story and also how to do this yourself from Michael's blog


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