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Tuesday, January 10

The Perks of getting a Lumia 900 (at&t;) in the US

The Lumia 900 will be launched exclusively on at&t, and with its LTE support, it is expected to come with blazing fast internet speed and a 4.3inch screen and 1.3MP front-facing camera.

If you are not impressed with the specs, well there are more goodies that come with owning a Lumia 900.
Nokia already signed an agreement to bring over 20 EA games to the Lumia 900, please note these games will come first exclusively to the Lumia 900.
Also there's a special ESPN app for the Lumia 900, where you can get up-to-date news, scores and video highlights right on your phone, again exclusive to the Lumia 900.
the CNN app bring you the latest news and video from around the world.
and for the spanish audience here in the US, Nokia teamed up with UNIVISION to bring exclusive spanish content to US residents

read the full press release from Nokia Site


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