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Monday, January 9

S.Elop talks about the Lumia 900

Nokia's CEO, Stephen Elop in an interview with Nokia Conversations talks about how the Lumia 900 is designed specifically for the US market, with a 4.3inch screen, LTE support, fast browsing/data speeds, with in-built video-calling app (Tango), who wouldn't want to pick this up, Lumia 900 runs on the Windows phone which already boasts of 55,000+ apps in its marketplace and that number keeps growing by the second!
Elop also confirms the Lumia 710 will be sold in Canada exclusively on the Rogers Network and the Lumia 800 will also be available in Canada exclusively on the Telus Network, no date of availability has been confirmed yet.
Another interesting news from this interview is when Elop said the Lumia 800 will be sold in Microsoft stores here in the US, which means it would sell as an unlocked phone? does that mean it wouldn't get carrier support? whatever happened to the Verizon testing it? I think Nokia should reconsider the Lumia 800 either under at&t or t-mobile, unless they have something else up their sleeves.
See the interview at Nokia Conversations


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