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Tuesday, January 17

Skype App for Lumia 900 coming soon?

Skype vice president of products, Rick Osterloh said in an interview recently (during CES) that a Skype App for Windows Phone was in the works and it should be ready SOON, how soon? maybe within the next month? either way, "soon" sounds better than "late in 2nd half of 2012" which is when Windows Phone is said to have skype fully integrated into its o/s. so before then we will have to make do with this upcoming Skype app.

Microsoft acquired Skype (#1 in VoIP service globally) for $8.5billion in June of last year, and ever since our mouths have watered to see how Skype would be integrated into windows phone, PCs and windows Tablets.

Microsoft are obviously taking their time in getting this done, well why not? its an EPIC BIG DEAL, OK let me put this in perspective for you, did you know Skype has over 200million monthly users worldwide? Exactly!

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  1. I was going to buy the lumia 900, but since skype is not include, i will have to pass......

  2. The Skype Beta has been available for a while NOW, it's only a matter of time before the Official release comes out. besides there is an alternative like Tango, it works across all platforms (android and iPhone)

  3. The Skype Beta is not in the Marketplace. You have to find the blog entry where there is a download link. It works great on my new Lumia 900.