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Wednesday, January 18

Software Update (1600.2483.8106.11500) now available for Lumia 800

The update many Lumia 800 users have been waiting for is finally being rolled out.
Nokia officially announced over its Nokia Conversations website
Over the next couple of weeks, Lumia 800 users should be getting notified of the update.

This update 1600.2483.8106.11500 will offer two main enhancements:
  • Battery performance enhancements;
  • Wi-Fi connectivity enhancements.
This week, at least half of Lumia 800 users should receive the update and the remaining over the next week.
Don't worry if you haven't received this update yet, your phone automatically checks for updates periodically (just like your windows PC does) and should notify you once it gets it, then you will have to connect your phone to your PC and install the update via the Zune software (no OTA yet).

This update improves the battery problem associated with Lumia 800 and enhances WiFi performance.

has anyone gotten the update yet?


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