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Monday, January 16

Top 25 iPhone & Android aps coming to WP7 + play popuar iPhone app: "Cut the Rope" on your IE9 browser

Microsoft plans to get all top 25 apps from both Android and the iPhone to its Windows Phone mobile platform, according to Paul Thurott of winsupersite;. in a bid to be more competitive and take its place as the third ecosystem in the smartphone habiat!
Windows Phone which already has an app inventory of 55,000+ apps and counting, also has Nokia+EA games working on bringing 20+ new quality games to the mobile platform.
Though there is no ETA on when these apps will become available, it is a huge boost for windows phone, before the release of mango update in 2010, developers have been reluctant to invest on the platform, but things are looking very promising; with Nokia's new line of WP7 phones (Lumia 900 especially) and its exclusive content (Nokia maps, Nokia city lens and more), the imminent launch of windows 8 later this year and don't forget the deep integration of Skype on WP7 phones in the near future.
When you add all these up, windows phones can only get better and better!

 Top apps like Cut the Rope, which is a very popular iPhone fun puzzle game will soon make its way onto windows phones, you can play it (FREE) now on your Internet explorer 9 (IE9) browser here

here's a preview:



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