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Monday, January 2

(video) Lumia 800 for beginners!

as a long-time symbian user/lover and also someone who isn't accustomed to change, its took alot of will to get a lumia 800, felt weird holding a nokia device as exquisite as it is and its not running symbian, but sometimes change is good,
its my 3rd day using it and so far here's what i have noticed and learned.

Nokia can't go wrong with their hardware, but sometimes they make design flaws that are so obvious, like the speaker placement on the N8 or the slot for the usb port on the N9/Lumia800, i don't get why you would put a cover for a usb port (that doubles as your charger & data sync)that's used more than often, that's just inconvenient, then there's the placement of the power button between the vol. keys and the camera button, this button also doubles as your unlock button as well!
Those are the things i take issue with as regards to hardware everything else is perfect: good speaker placement, beautiful screen, great build quality.

its windows phone 7.5 aka mango, as a first time user, i'm quite impressed, especially with the seamless integration the phone offers, links everything about you with every other thing about you!, from your social media to your gaming console to your work email accounts, its pretty awesome!
i'm not gonna type too much and just let you watch the demo:
anothe rbig drawback is the inability to install apps on the side, it has to be from the marketplace, that is a luxury i cannot afford to loose!
though there is a work-around to install apps on the side, it will cost you 8.99 and its called chevronWP7, but i will get into the hassle of that later

part 2


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