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Tuesday, January 3

welcome to rumourville: N8 successor, Nokia tablet, windows Apollo 8...

ok so here's a rundown of what to not expect and what to expect.. if these rumours are true.
so sit back, grab some popcorn and read to your amusement/delight whichever.
  • the next major update for windows phone 7 (aka Tango) is set to debut at next week's CES event in Las Vegas and the Lumia 719 and Lumia 900 will be used to demonstrate this latest update. New features include: built-in video calling support (tango app), LTE support: LTE will be compatible with smartphones with a lower resolution screen (800x480px).
  • Tango will last for 6months, then apollo 8 update will be released
  • Windows Apollo 8 will be announced mid-year, June at a Nokia event (Nokia connection 2012) and will be available to manufacturers at that same time, current wp7.5 phones will also recieve this update, Apollo 8 will dual-core processor phones, NFC chip enabled, and support phones with higher resolution (HD screens) and there will be slight user interface changes too!
  • Windows Apollo 8 will be announced at the same time the desktop version is.
  • Also expect the N8 successor to be announced in June, what platform is yet to be confirmed, but its is said to have both symbian and wp7 variants, the wp7 variant being the new flagship windows phone with a super camera.
  • Nokia will showcase a number of new smartphones as well as their first windows 8 o/s running tablet device also at this Nokia connection 2012 event
  •  That is all from rumor-ville, till next time...


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