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Wednesday, February 1

After 4years... the OVI brand finally extinct!

Nokia has finally erased all traces of its past relationship with its former internet service brand OVI.
It brought you services like the popular OVI Suite, OVI Maps, Sync, Store, Music, Calender, Contacts, Mail and Chat

And in May 2011, Nokia announced it will be ending the OVI brand and replacing it with just Nokia, this was a move to avoid brand confusion between Nokia and OVI. And so the suite became Nokia Suite, OVI Maps became Nokia Maps, OVI Music became Nokia Music, OVI calender and contacts were scraped and OVI mail became Nokia Mail/Chat (powered by yahoo) and so on,

Ovi Mail, which is the last OVI branded service was recently and finally changed to Nokia Mail. Making the OVI brand officially a part of Nokian History!

Eulogy (for OVI):
For the 4 years we had you, you brought us home when we didn't find our way (OVI Maps), you saved our contacts (OVI contacts), told us what to do next (OVI calender), you help us keep in touch with friends and family (OVI mail/Chat), presented us with millions apps to choose from (OVI store) and you made sure we always had the latest firmware update (OVI suite).
even though you are gone OVI; You are reborn:Nokia.
So technically, you wouldn't be missed. you are still here! you just had a name change!
FUN-FACT: "Ovi" is the Finnish word for "Door"


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