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Saturday, February 25

Another Lumia 610 photo emerges + Nokia Lumia 1000

Lumia 610

@Nokia_N8 just uploaded a pic of what appears to be the Lumia 610, much much similar to the image I got from an anonymous tip!

 Tha lumia 610 is Nokia's first low budget said to run on Tango update WinPho.
I can't confirm any specs, but speculation is that it runs on 256MB memory.
The Lumia 610 looks to be derived from the C7/astound just like the Lumia 710 and the Nokia 603.

Looks pretty legit, If that's a fake, it's an impressive fake.
Monday can't get here any sooner, can it?

Also I am hearing from unconfirmed sources that the device below is actually the Nokia Lumia 1000.

Lumia 1000

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  1. Lumia 1000... I really hope that it includes some really neat technology, since designwise it doesn't work as well as N9-look-a-likes.

  2. wouldnt see it till Nokia world later in the year, said to run WP7 Apollo