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Thursday, February 9

Bacterium, fun, arcade-like addicitive game for Nokia Belle Phones

So I updated my N8 to Nokia Belle and went window shopping in the Nokia Store.
See what I found!

Before the Belle update was released I've been using Lumia 800 for the past 7weeks and when Belle finally came I had to switch back to symbian but I was afraid of one thing, and that is I knew there were only a handful of Hi Quality HD games on the N8 as compared to what WP7 has to offer...
anyway, lest I digress, I stumbled upon this Bacterium (developed by no other than Offscreen, I wonder where Symbian will be without the apps from Offscreen).

Its a nice simple, yet addictive fun game, where you have to stop the bacteria from reaching the edge of the petri dish by shooting all of them before they multiply and get out.
control the shooter, by tilting your phone to move it anti-clockwise or clockwise, oh and you are also equipped with some kind of nuclear detonating bomb (2 red buttons on either side, at the bottom of the screen.

here, check it out:

If you like it, you can get it for FREE from the Nokia Store


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