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Thursday, February 2

Clear Black Display: Uncovered

ClearBlack Display which was announced by Nokia in September of 2010. It adds a reflection-blocking polarizer layer between the touch layer and the display panel. CBD displays blocks incoming light reflections and so perform better under direct sunlight.

Nokia Conversation just put out a nice article on how it really works:

So when light (sunlight) hits the screen of your phone. this is what happens

  1. It hits the linear polariser, this vertically polarises the light. (Polarising means - roughly - aligning the wave vibration in a particular direction).
  2. Then it hits the circular polariser retardation layer. This converts the light again, making it right-circularly polarised.
  3. Then it hits the screen and bounces off it, switching the rotation of the light to leftist.
  4. It goes back through the retardation layer. When this happens, the light becomes horizontally polarised.
  5. Finally, it hits the linear polariser, since the light is horizontally polarised at this point it can be blocked entirely by this optical solution.

Nokia C6 with & without CBD

Read full article HERE

Nokia Phones that currently have this CBD feature are Nokia's E7, C7, C6-01, 603, 700, 701,  Lumia 710, 800 and 900,

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