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Wednesday, February 8

How To sync your contacts between Lumia 800 and Nokia N8

Nokia contacts transfer is a Nokia proprietary app for Lumia devices that allows you to transfer your contacts (from a non-windows Nokia phone like the N8) to your Lumia phone via Bluetooth.
However, you can't use it to transfer contacts from a Lumia phone to a non-windows Nokia phone.
That's the situation I found myself in, when i tried to transfer my contacts from my lumia 800 back to my Nokia N8.
Well after playing around with phone settings and mail settings i finally figured it out.

So here's what you do:
  • Your contacts on your Lumia 800 are synced with your windows live account (or whatever account you setup your Lumia phone with). let's call this [email protected]
  • now go to your N8 and setup an email, using the exchange active-sync mail option.
  • enter the settings for your [email protected] 
  •  you will get a pop-up asking for the server Name, the server name is
  • you will also get a pop-up asking what you want to sync, choose "contacts"
  • This will now sync your contacts to your phone.
As long as the live account is setup on your N8, You now have the same contact list on both phones, if you add a contact on your lumia, it will get updated on your N8 too, pretty neat huh!

If you delete the live account from your N8, your contacts will disappear too!
But if you just want to do a one time transfer from Lumia -> N8, follow the steps above, after you have completed them:
Sync your contacts with your Nokia suite on your PC, this will copy all your live account contacts to your Nokia suite.
You can now delete the live account your setup on your N8 (your contacts will disappear too but no worries),
Just go back to your Nokia suite and sync/copy the contacts to your phone.

That's it

****As always if you are stuck, have questions or need assistance, I'll be here all week!***


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