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Monday, February 6

HowTo get the most out of your Lumia 800 Camera

I have always thought the Camera images from the Lumia devices were below par, I was wrong!
After I read this article on how to get the most out of your Lumia camera, I was really impressed.
It turns out you just have to know how to tweak the camera settings on your device to get the best results.
There are a bunch of settings for different scenarios and once you have mastered what each one does, you will impressed like me on how well the images come out!

Take for instance, this image taken with the default settings on a Lumia 800:

Now see the same scenario taken, Now using Candlelight setting, change white balance to Incandescent, Metering to Centre Spot and Focus to Macro; the result:
The difference is clear!

You can read more about how to tweak your camera settings on your Lumia device HERE


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