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Sunday, February 26

"HTC one" rips off "Nokia's N9"

I usually don't care about anything android and all its plasticy Samsung, HTC and Motorola phones.
But when I saw the recently announced HTC one yesterday, I immediately saw the N9 being ripped off!

I guess it was to come sooner or later, I mean N9 is a masterpiece (Almost compared to the Mona Lisa hahah), one that every smartphone manufacturer would want to emulate.

And who else to copy it, than the people from HTC, in the last 3years you can't set apart one HTC model from the next one, they are all rectangular and black! pretty generic stuff, 0% creativity.
So they got desperate enough to copy the N9, but do you blame them?

The HTC one is an all touch smartphone with no physical buttons and a curved screen, yup sound familiar?

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  1. very lame argument

  2. htc one x is quad core with tegra v3 chip set ripping every other phone with android 4.0.3 and sense 4.0 which is the best phone compare anyone till date so dont cry that nokia is making shit nokia 808 lame pohne can only capture 5mp with 41 mp sensor and with 1.3ghz single core and 500 mb ram i am afraid that grand father could walk on the way of one series