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Wednesday, February 15

Introducing Nokia Chicken nuggets you put in your ear, they are NFC enable too!

black luna

Here's a look at one of the accessories you will get when you purchase the Lumia 800 in a bundle package from the Microsoft store.

Nokia's stylish/colorful Bluetooth headsets: The Nokia Luna comes in several colors.

Anytime I see a video of the Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset and its array of different colors, it just reminds me of tiny little chicken nuggets you get from McDonald's or some other fast food restaurant.

different colors of the Luna headset

They are so small and cute, yet loud and rugged.
You just want one, they are like huge candies with different colors and flavors.
Nokia has never shied away from experimenting with colors, and they didn't here!
easy on the eyes

The Nokia Luna supports NFC and can connect up to 2 phones at a time, pretty neat huh? Its also Bluetooth enabled to, so works with Bluetooth or NFC enabled Nokia phones
It also uses noise cancellation technology.

This would be a good accessories to have (especially if you are a lady), you can easily accessorise due to its multiple choice of appealing colors
My Personal Caption for Luna Bluetooth headset
Right now, the Nokia Luna is available on Amazon for $89, so far only black is available, hopefull more colors to be added soon?


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