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Tuesday, February 14

Exclusive: Lumia 610 Nokia's lower-end WP7 Tango phone

The Lumia 610?

I just got tipped today on specs and photos of the Lumia 610.

According to this tipster (who claims to be a Nokia Employee), The Lumia 610 will be the second Nokia Phone running WP7 tango and it is lower end, much lower than the Lumia 710, so expect it to be a lot cheaper, and according to the source it will run on 256mb memory, 5MP camera with led flash, with 3.5inch screen, and with interchangeable back covers like the 710... but its said to be much nicer looking than the Lumia 710. The Lumia 610 is very light and as thin as the Nokia C7. It is a combination of the Nokia C7 and a Nokia WP& concept phone

Lumia 610's designed with the C7 in mind

Lumia 610 looks like this

The tipster promised pictures by the end of the day!
so bookmark this post!
update coming soon!

So here are the pics of the Lumia 610,
It looks alot like the Nokia C7 and that Concept Phone combined!
It has a chrome bezel much like that on the C7.
and at the back, the camera and flash look like it was taken from the concept phone above, and notice how the back-cover extends to the front of the phone, just like the concept.
the speakers are located at the bottom (at the back) just like on the Nokia 600.
It doesn't have any physical buttons, so I presume it's an "all touch" device.

Lumia 600?
I got these photos from a source who chose to remain anonymous, I cannot vouch for their authenticity, we will have to wait 2 weeks when the MWC starts to see if this is indeed the Lumia 610.

Though from the image  it seems real, because if you notice, the Lumia 710 and 900 press shots are taken in a similar way:




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  1. Picture quality is not very good. Anyway phone looks very nice and if it is unexpensive (around 250 euros after taxes)it will be success!

  2. this is obviously fake. they wont make a wp that looks like a c7.

  3. 256 mb internal memory will not run wp7 tango. Not possible these specs.

    1. yup I don't believe the specs either, but we will see come MWC, I look at the pics and I think its real, other times I think its fake??

    2. 256Mo will run Tango, that's the whole point of the update

    3. Yeah, but with serious limitations. It is a mistake to downsize specs on Tango