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Wednesday, February 1

Lumia 710 free at Microsoft Store.. Just one problem!

First, the Lumia 710 got released with a price tag of $49 on a 2yr contract. Then we saw its price drop,
Now, T-mobile has it for a reduced $39/2yr contract, even Walmart sells it for free + 2yr contract.
Well, in its latest effort to push this phone to consumers. Microsoft store has joined in the effort. They are now offering the phone for free (with 2yr contract) at their Microsoft stores nationwide... "Nationwide" i guess that word was misused in my previous sentence, given that Microsoft only has less than 20 stores nationwide! in fact the last time i checked here, they had just 15 stores!

What does this mean? it's Simple, even though no one else will admit, I will! the Lumia 710 isn't selling (at least not here in the states), maybe in other countries it is, but it sure is NOT selling here!
if you are in the US or any country where Lumia 710 is being sold, do me favour, check Craigslist or eBay and tell me how many Lumia 710s you see users are trying to get rid of!

Don't get me wrong, I like windows Phone, I even own a Lumia 800 and I'm planning on getting the Lumia 900 when it comes out on At&t.

 I just think it was a very very bad idea kicking off Nokia windows phone market (here in the US) with the mediocre Lumia 710, why they chose the 710 over the 800 as the first Lumia device to launch in the US is beyond me.
First impression matter, and that Lumia 710 was a very bad impression. 

I just hope the Lumia 900 is awesome enough to give a second first impression, I'm pretty sure it will.


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