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Monday, February 6

Lumia 800 coming in amazing WHITE this February

Nokia (taking a page out of N9's book again) just officially announced that the Nokia Lumia 800 will be coming in White this month, February,
Rumour's been going around of its existence, well it's now official.

This already sleek looking phone has been given more attractiveness with this new colour.
This is bound to help boost Lumia sales, Nokia already sold more than a million Lumia devices last quarter, this will help it sell even more.
It's simply a beauty to hold:

I wonder if Windows Phone will make a white theme for this one? I would love to see white tiles come with the white Lumia 800.

You can check out the hands on video from slashgear website. or

See more photos of the White Lumia 800 from engadget

Kinda makes you wonder if we will see a white Lumia 900 too!


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