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Wednesday, February 8

Lumia 800, 900 & Nokia N9 go head on in the 2011 Engadget Awards

Nokia's Lumia 800, 900 and the N9 have all been nominated in the "Best Smartphone of 2011" category for the 2011 Engadget Awards.

go over to Engadget and cast your vote!

You might be wondering how the heck did the Lumia 900 make the list, it's not even out yet! Well, it's that good, I know cos i held it at CES, it's a beauty and there isn't a 4.3inch smartphone that rivals the Lumia 900. (SideNote: i can't wait to watch Netflix on that screen :).

Then there's the MeeGo powered Nokia N9, the first Nokia phone I have seen Engadget openly express their love and desire for, it's simply elegant with its unique swipe UI, and  the hardware is designed beautifully, it'll have DaVinci, Michelangelo and Raphael wishing they designed it themselves :P

And what's left to say about the Lumia 800, all I can say is, it's coming in white!

Other categories in the Engadget awards include Desktop of 2011, Game console of 2011, Tablet of 2011, Worst gadget of 2011 and more. oh there's a category "robot of the year" and one of the nominees is Mitt Romney, I'm not sure if that's supposed to be a joke or there's actually a robot called Mitt Romney!

you don't have to vote for all, you can just cast your vote your fave Nokia phone.

Nokia has Lumia 800, 900 and N9 in just that one category, "Smartphone of 2011"

Let's make sure we win it.. VOTE HERE


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