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Wednesday, February 29

Lumia 900 stripped naked by the FCC, coming soon to At&t;?

While Nokia announced on Monday that the Lumia 900 will be available (white black and cyan colors) globally in Q2 2012, We in the US were kept in the dark (and still are) on when we will get our hands on this 4.3 Nokia beast, rumour's certain that it will go on sale on March 18th (less than 3 weeks from now) and still no word from either Nokia or At&t (I called At&t 3 times yesterday, and eveyone I talked to was clueless about the Lumia 900, they never even heard of it), though the bright side, an At&t rep did say they usually get debriefed on new arrivals 2weeks prior to release, so since it still more than 2 weeks, I plan to call them again next week!

But it's pretty certain, the Lumia 900 will be released this March, the device is already filed and molested (stripped down) by the FCC and now that the normal process of certification is complete, all we do is wait.
here are some of the photos of the Lumia 900 from the FCC docs...

lumia 900 undergoing tests?

jun 25th?

from the date on the lockscreen on one of the photos, it should Sat. June 25th 2011, damn Nokia had this device designed and ready well over a year ago huh?!

 Here are some revealing photos of the Lumia 900:
Lumia 900's 1840mAh Battery

Outer casing of Lumia 900

Lumia 900 system panel

Lumia 900 antenna locations

 So now we wait!

Source: FCC


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