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Wednesday, February 22

N8 Successor for Windows Phone!!?

Lumia 900 with Pure View?

So @WindowsPhone8 (unofficial WP8 twitter acct.) tweeted we will hear about 1080p HD recording on WP8 (Apollo).
I only heard about this from wmpoweruser who heard it from professorthibault, that's the beauty of rumors, its all about he said/she said (that is while this is filed under the he said/she said section).

There's no concrete evidence on this, but this twitter account is reporting that there will be much talk about WP8 support for 1080p HD recording at next week's MWC in Barcelona, Spain, and we only saw Nokia's teaser video on its new Pure view camera technology that will allow Hi-Res photos and 1080p HD recording.
So we just might see the N8 successor on multiple platforms (Symbian & WP), Sweet!

And I talked about how this will not only be used for the N8 successor but for Windows phones too... and with the level of customization Nokia is doing with WP8 Apollo. I would say its either the guys at @windowsphone8 have good sources or its a very educated guess!

Windows Phone 8 (aka Apollo) isn't set to make a debut till late this year.

I've always predicted Nokia + Windows Phone merger wouldn't make any significant impact until the release of Windows Phone 8, that's when you are going to see what Nokia truly has to offer to the WP platform, so until then...

                                                                                         via; wmpoweruser   professorthibault


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