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Wednesday, February 8

New Nokia Device to be introduced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (20 days left)

ReCap of Nokia's activities in the last couple of days---> Nokia announced this week the absolutely beautiful white Lumia 800 and also accidentally uploaded a picture of "yet to be announced" white Lumia 900.
Nokia also released Nokia Belle globally, though some are yet to receive this update, it's roll out was pretty impressive (I'm still amazed the US got it on the first day!).

Things must be buzzing at Espoo HQ, and they have no plans of slowing down.
With the Mobile World Conference coming up in less than 20 days, rumours are already circulating as to what Nokia has in store for us. Most especially that of a 12MP camera version of the Lumia 900 (aka 910), and now Forbes magazine even put out an article saying they heard from a reliable industrial source that at least one high end Nokia device will be released at the MWC event.

Well here's what i expect from Nokia at MWC:
Right now, Nokia has Lumia 710 and 800 available, the 900 was announced and is yet to go on sale, it will in mid-March, so does it make sense for Nokia to announce an even higher end phone than the 900? absolutely not! or then again yes! Since the 900 was designed specifically for the US market (a point Nokia reiterated over and over again), we will see a 900 variant designed for the rest of the world, whether this version will be more high end than the 900 is yet to be known.

what about this nokia phone?

Also we should see a demo of windows phone tango on a Nokia device, we should also expect to see a QWERTY Nokia windows phone (aka Lumia 610?)
Lastly I expect Nokia to announce Nokia Carla (successor to Belle), scratch that, I don't think we will get any major Symbian related news until mid year (June/July).

**what are your expectations from Nokia at the MWC?


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