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Friday, February 10

New Nokia Store update 3.22.53 available from betalabs (Download Link inside)

Nokia BetaLabs just released an update to the Nokia store, from 3.22.44 to 3.22.53.
According to BetaLabs "This release includes some critical bug fixes found since the previous one (3.22.044) and it aligns with the latest Nokia Store back-end."
This is for all Nokia devices using Symbian.And the update is 21mb in size

Nokia Store was down for maintenance for almost 5 hours a couple of days ago, I bet this is related to the whole back end thing!

So update your store client from BetaLabs
and don't forget to leave feedback!
leave you feedback at Nokia Betalabs or
through the Nokia store app on your phone, just go to your account ->support ->scroll to the bottom and select feedback, enter your feedback and submit!


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