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Friday, February 10

Nokia Anna, Belle, Carla... what happens when we get to Nokia Zasha??

After the Nokia Belle update, I have been showing off my much improved Nokia N8 to my Android/Apple friends, though they weren't impressed (ooh shocker!) they did admit it was a step in the right direction for Symbian but it's come a little too late, especially after Elop announced Symbian's demise in 2016 (that's if the world doesn't end in Dec. 2012 according to mayan calender), if it doesn't  all eyes will be on 2016 when the curtains will be drawn on Symbian.

According to Nokia, they will still put out major updates for the platform, updates that will have the naming scheme similar to how the USA names their hurricanes, using feminine names in alphabetical order. we have already witnessed Anna, belle and glimpses/tiny info about the next big one Carla, followed by Donna are already circling the web.

So the question is, what happens if they get to Nokia Zasha before 2016, are we going to circle back to Nokia Angela? Bonita? or is Nokia going to put out Zasha in 2016? or we might not just get to it in time!

Harsh Reality check:
in time, Symbian is going to be like that 1 dead pixel on your 80inch LCD HDTV; you wouldn't see it, but if you look real close and real hard, you'll catch it (just like what Samsung's Bada OS has become).

So as we enjoy Belle, and look forward to Carla, let's not forget the real story here: Symbian is going to die, Nokia is going to kill it, Windows Phone 7, 7.5, 8 (or whatever number they are using by 2016) is the future and there's absolutely nothing me, you or anyone can do about it.

**                          This post directed at the admins NiTish and Orlando from, you guys need to wake up and embrace the awesomeness of Nokia's Lumia series, either way you guys will have no choice when Nokia shows off their high-powered and highly customized WP7 Apollo Phones/tablets by the end of this year :P                 **

Current Phone: Nokia N8
Next Phone: White Lumia 900

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  1. You are right BUT Belle is so impressive and Nokia hardware is fantastic - so bring it on!!
    Bob E7 on Belle

    1. don't get me wrong, I don't hate symbian, I've been using symbian before iPhone users even knew what a smartphone or multitasking was!
      But if we want to progress we have to embrace change, some Nokia fans just refuse to embrace progression/change, and thats what pisses me off.
      I used a lumia 800 for a month before switching back to my N8, and let me tell you, we are soooo far behind, but let's see what carla has to offer!