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Thursday, February 9

Nokia Belle and its homescreens, how many do you use?

With Symbian Anna, we were limited to just 3 home screens.
Nokia Belle brings to you 6 homescreens for all your widgets!

But the question is how many homescreens do you really need?
if you ask an android user, he'll probably tell you a zillion homescreens for a zillion widgets,
and an iPhone user wouldn't understand the question!

Me? well the lesser the better, I heard the more homescreens you have on your Belle phone, the more your battery is consumed (can someone confirm if this is true).
Anyways, since I got my Belle update, I use just 4 homescreens:

     My Work HomeScreen               Social HomeScreen                 Everyday HomeScreen             Navigation HomeScreen

So how many homescreens do you use?? 1? 2? 3? 4? 5? or all 6 of them?


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