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Tuesday, February 14

Nokia Carla coming to Nokia N8 and other S^3 devices?

Contrary to popular belief, We could well see the Nokia Carla update on existing Symbian^3 devices.

Nokia Carla has previously been rumoured to only run on phones with 1GHz processor or higher.

Thanks to sources in Nokia Brazil who tipped the guys from NokiaTips that Carla builds are already being run and tested on Nokia N8.

With more and more confirmation appearing on the existence of Carla, we might very well see it for the first time at the upcoming MWC in Barcelona.
As of now, no one knows for sure exactly what its UI will look like or when it will be available or what phones will get it

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  1. Regardless of its generation one Symbian^3 compatibility, let's just hope Nokia avoids making any premature launch dates, this time. There's nothing as damaging as failure to deliver on one's promise.