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Sunday, February 5

Nokia City Scene for Nokia N9

The N9 version for Nokia City Lens is called Nokia City Scene.
This new version is available from the Nokia Store.  The version requires N9 firmware PR1.1 (20.2011.40.4) or later.

About Nokia City Scene:
Explore cities in 3D with Nokia City Scene from Nokia Research Center. Click on buildings to browse their stores and services, or use search to jump to what you are looking for. Connect to your social networks to find friends' check-ins or share locations. Now featuring about a dozen US cities with coverage expanding both in the US and to Europe.
The application combines NAVTEQ street imagery, building models and terrain data to create interactive panoramic street scenes. It uses building models to make buildings clickable, and to present information right on the building facade, so you can discover information just by browsing along a street.
You can use City Scene's location aware search to jump directly to a panoramic view of the place you're looking for, so you'll recognize it when you go there. The application lists your friends' Foursquare and Facebook check-ins so you can jump to where they've been. You can also share "postcards" of locations complete with street address (maybe suggesting a place to meet for coffee later). The Featured Cities list will grow automatically as NAVTEQ completes more drives.

New features:
  • Landscape mode
  • Search history saved
  • Favorites you create in City Scene will be visible in as well as in your N9 Maps app, and vice versa
  • Some services are described much more in detail: reviews, opening hours, images, nearby related services etc.
so get this app from the Nokia Store 

and remember to leave a feedback 

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  1. Get your facts right please.

    'Nokia City Lens' is former 'Nokia Live View' which is an AR Browser. It overlays POI content on live camera view finder.

    'Nokia City Scene for N9' is different from 'Nokia City Lens'.
    'Nokia City Scene for N9' provides rich interactive street view like experience using 360 degree panoramas, 3D models of the buildings and terrains provided by NAVTEQ.

    1. You're absolutely right! don't know what i was thinking there