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Saturday, February 11

Nokia Classics #1 Nokia 7650

I came up with this idea to start this segment on my blog called "Nokia Classics"

Nokia Classics is where I'll be showcasing Nokia's classic phones from way back in the 90's to more recently too.

Today, I'll be looking at a very memorable phone, memorable because it's the first Symbian Series 60 (S60) OS and and also the first Symbian S60 with an in-built camera.

It was released in 2002, and was my first Nokia camera phone, with it's slide out keypad, 5-way joystick and my God was it bulky, I mean it weighed 154g but in volume it was huge, now when I look back, I wonder how I ever fitted it in my pocket..

Now 10 years later, I cannot imagine how we ever survived with a phone that big and had a mere 104MHz ARM 9 CPU, (today we own 1.5gHz dual core phones and users clamor for more!). It used a VGA camera (now mostly used as secondary front facing cameras).

The most popular game I remember playing was Pool and Snake!

When you look back at the Nokia 7650, it's a classic, and today its one of the many classics Nokia has produced over the years.


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