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Saturday, February 18

Nokia Classics #2 Nokia 6310/6310i


Truly a Classic, Nokia 6310 was Nokia's first Bluetooth phone, how iconic is that.
Released back in 2001. It also introduced as Nokia's Business Phone, with an infrared port, monochrome screen (green color display), monophonic ringtones, voice recorder, with support for GPRS networks.

Man, I miss the days of simple monophonic phones! I'm not an MP3 ringtone person, I still use the original Nokia ringtone on my N8!

But that's not what made the Nokia 6310 a classic. For me, it was the fact that it had Bluetooth v1.1 and because of its impressive battery life, and it had Snake II, not to mention how rugged this phone was.


Nokia 6310 was a hit, it got a successor Nokia 6310i, released in 2002, this got a blue lcd display (the 6310 had a green screen) and a nice original silver casing.

Nokia 6310/6310i... Another Nokia Classic


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