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Monday, February 13

Nokia & its battle to regain US confidence

When I moved to the US in February of 2008, I came with my Nokia 3250 and I remember the look on the faces of Americans whenever I bought it out to take a call or most especially take a picture (with its swerving bottom half). It was a masterpiece and yet Americans hadn't seen or heard of it before, majority of them still never have!
And in  the coming months of since my move, I came to the harsh realization that Nokia was dead and buried in the USA. Thus, I planned to start a blog (this blog) showcasing Nokia solely for the US consumer, to show them what they were missing, I never got the chance to start my blog back then due to 0% interest from US readers.
 It wasn't until a year ago, when Nokia announced its partnership with Microsoft, that I knew now we have a chance in the US, that motivated me to finally launch my blog: Nokia4USA, but even then 95% of my readers are from outside the US, so I changed my blog from Nokia4USA to Nok4Us, again due to lack of interest from US readers/consumers.

Even at the just concluded CES event in Las Vegas a month ago, where I wrote about the reactions I got from random people who showed up at Nokia's booth, and how majortiy of them thought Nokia was dead!
 If you walk into any at&t or T-Mobile store today, the only Nokia phones (apart from 710) you will see are the cheap dumb flip phones, the kind you can get for $9.99 and no contract. the last Nokia smartphone At&t carried was the N72 and that was more than 4years ago.

the kind of Nokia phones you get from US carriers

And i even talked about how Nokia shouldn't have reintroduced itself back into the US Market with the Lumia 710, I have lived here long enough to know Americans general perception of Nokia is a phone company that just makes mono block phones, so releasing the Lumia 710 didn't help! I still believe they should have started with the WHITE Lumia 900 and done an Ad on it during the Super Bowl (America's most watched event)

Nokia didn't do none of what I suggested, instead they did a commercial on the Lumia 710 during the grammy's and here's a cross section of reactions of people who saw it:
picture from

That's how bad Nokia's image is in the US, It's absolutely horrible.
Nokia's Top priority right now shouldn't be releasing more windows phones, but working on a strategy to win back America's Heart!

PS: I was really looking forward to a Lumia 900 super Bowl commercial!


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