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Friday, February 24

Nokia & its battle to regain US confidence (Part II)

In my Part 1 of my post (Nokia & its battle to regain US confidence) I talked about how horrible Nokia's image is in the US and how they have to push out Ad campaigns to create awareness for their devices, something they are yet to do. maybe they are waiting for the Lumia 900's introduction?

I heard someone say something interesting last week, it was this lady who had a Lumia 710, and she was talking about how she never knew Microsoft had a mobile platform (WinPho7), she said she bought the Lumia 710 because she saw the ad on TV, it was cheap 4G phone, she loves T-Mobile and it was Nokia (she remembers Nokia as being a veteran when it comes to making quality phones).

Nokia has sold more Windows Phones than Samsung HTC and LG (combined) have sold in the last 2yrs. True statement, they have sold almost 3million handsets on a platform (WinPho7) that's even less popular than Samsung's Bada OS, so how did Nokia do it? Brand and Quality, It's no argument Nokia makes the BEST hardware, even the random lady I talked about earlier knows it from years back (it's still the same).

awesome Nokia hardware

Nokia has already single-handedly lifted WinPho7 to 3rd most used mobile platform in countries like Italy and Ireland (a position previously held by Blackberry).

what's better for Nokia: windows? android?

So imagine if Nokia adopted Android, they would have dominated the US market in less than a year, if they did, the top android manufacturers would have been Motorola and Nokia (I add Motorola because they are owned by Google, Google owns android, enough said).
don't get me wrong, I don't like android, I'm with Nokia on adopting WinPho, it's going to produce the same result if they had adopted android, the only difference is with android the domination would have come quicker!
So it looks like Nokia has done its own part of the deal with Microsoft, the ball is in Microsoft's court. one of the perks of living in the silicon valley is that I'm surrounded by App developers, and one thing I have noticed is they are not fond of WinPho, 10/10 app developers I talk to have ZERO interest in developing for WinPho.
Microsoft is doing an OK job in trying to get App developers interested in their WinPho platform, they can do it better, much much better, for example they have to make the whole process of publishing an App on the marketplace EASY, you see, while developers create apps for profit, many still create them for fun and if you are going to make them go through a lot of hassle just to get them published, then you are fighting a lost battle,

Also whats with the $4.99 apps in the marketplace? for a platform that's trying to gain traction selling your apps for $4.99 on average (same apps are free or $0.99 on iPhone or Android), They discourage developers from creating free apps and urge them to monetize everything, for a mobile platform that is at the bottom, this is a wrong move, how about you (WinPho people) start selling apps when you have at least 10million WinPho users worldwide? how about that?

I saw an ad on TV on the Samsung Galaxy Note (4G LTE) for At&t, so now I am wondering where is our Lumia 900 ads? its already less than a month to release date (rumored for Mar 18th)

So Microsoft (and WinPho), ball is in your court, help us help you!

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  1. The consumer marketing on this is killing me, literally!